Some UNSOLICITED testimonials we've received from Past Advertisers !

......and I have gotten so many hits already. I can't believe it!
It is working wonderfully.
Thank you so much:o)
Regards, Laura Pawson

I was very pleased with the results from the $20 ad campaign with your company. I will be wanting to repeat it again as soon as I get my project tweaked and new autoresponder set up. I am putting together a report that will go to all my mailing list, and I would like to tell them about the good results I got with your ad.
Are you interested in a joint venture, where I send people your way in
return for compensation to me?
Thanks, Dr. Carolyn MacMahon

I expected you to be another scam, and you were one of the last people I just bet my last money on. But you were so professional all throughout & better still your campaign has given me more than 1900 visitors from all over the world for the 25$ campaign. You guaranteed 1000 visitors but you've given nearly double.
I will order more when I settle with my current subscribers & by the way I've already referred you to my friends
Best wishes,
Tina Pimenta

We paid for hits and really got them with this company with the odd name: Holy Traffic!
As soon as the ads went out, our sales quadrupled and our opt-in list took off.
You can get 1000 hits (not just leads, but actual folks visiting your website!) for just $25!!!!! To get this great price, send an email with the subject line "Dr.Tom sent me to get 1000 good hits!" to Rickson at Holy Traffic
- Dr. Thomas

Thanks so much! Yes, I've gotten LOTS of folks registered and into my auto responder. Now it's my job to convert the sales. I appreciate your flexibility. Have a great day!
- Craig

I'll probably buy some more advertising depending on how I do.
Regards, Cathy

Thank you for making this experiance so far a good one.
I like the fact that YOU personally have contacted me and made it much more personal. I am eager to see the success with your advertising, because so far I would work again with you.
Stephanie Justice

Howdy! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
You're very handsome. God blesses you and we'll meet again for business very soon, just the time to fix subtle details.
Best Regard!
Yvon Dionne

I apreciate you taking the time on this mater that you have.
Makes me feel not so much "the small guy".
Good fortune to you and thank you again,
Chris Willis

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